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  1. Colin Denny Donoghue

    You really are the best Burlesque artist, fully beautiful and talented, and with the pure & good style that I only know of Bettie Page also bringing to light; don’t pay any mind to other dancers, etc. with their nonsense and slander as you mentioned in the Getting Naked doc.

    I hope that by the grace of God I will one day be with a woman like you! 🙂 If you are ever going to be in Portland O.R. please let me know, I would love to see you perform in person. Keep up the great work, boldly embrace your natural desires and reject all aggression, deception and belittling to stay at a higher plane & flow of existence.
    Colin D.

  2. Bobby Pro

    You are stunning!

  3. Carl

    Great act on Starz Burlesque Story.

  4. Scott Paton


    Saw you in “Getting Naked” on cable the other night and was captivated by your whole story. I actually like your singing voice as much as the more provocative and aesthetic aspects of your work.

    Now seeing how the success of your career has evolved so quickly, I believe that your tale may be one of the grandest modern sagas of someone pursuing an unlikely fantasy or modest ambition and achieving success far beyond even one’s wildest fantasies.

    I’d love to do a feature story on you for “New Yorker,” “Vanity Fair” or” “Rolling Stone.” But ultimately, you deserve the treatment of a full-fledged bio/autobio and, who knows?– a screenplay as well. Your path of personal discovery and self-empowerment would, I’m certain, be found quite inspiring by young women and men alike.

    Congratulations on all your success, and I hope we’ll have the chance to talk in the future.


    Scott Paton


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