Grazia Magazine: “Burlesque has a New Queen”

“Burlesque Has a New Queen”

2013-03-14-Grazia-Magazine-CoverIn the March 14, 2013 issue of Italy’s Grazia magazine, Caterina De Filippo published an article about my burlesque. Here is the rough translation of the text:

Hazel Honeysuckle is the most sought-after star in the clubs of New York. Her striptease is inspired by video games and comic books. crazy and even the guys more technological.

“Do you want this geisha?” Hazel Honeysuckle, 30 years old, has launched a new line of burlesque in New York. Her shows are also inspired by manga and cartoons.


Until two years ago she was a graphic designer and had no idea of leaving everything to become a burlesque artist. Hazel Honeysuckle, 30, of Brooklyn, has done even more: now she is the true queen of New York clubs, the newspapers of the Big Apple are all in love with her ​​and the producers of Netflix’s TV series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, have given her a small role where he also shows her good acting skills.

“How did you begin your adventure in burlesque?”
After seeing a show with my husband I realized that the burlesque world had everything I love: dance, costumes and the heat of the public. I enrolled at Jo “Boobs” Weldon’s “New York School of Burlesque” and shortly after I was already on stage.

“You are also famous for a new genre: “nerdlesque.” Can you explain this term?”
It is a variant of the new burlesque and revolves around comic books, videogames, board games and role-playing and certain kind of films, loved by the nerdy public. In nerdlesque we turn into a character, and we imagine an unusual or funny situation. And for this it becomes sexy. For example, I do a striptease inspired by Star Trek Voyager where rations register with a futuristic contraption.

“What are your other favorite characters?”
Cookie Monster, the voracious blue monster of Sesame Street. I’d love to bring some of Miyazaki’s cartoons to the stage. I do everything: costumes, choreography and music. I like making people happy. And imagine when one little wink can make them “crazy.”

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