SCI-FI Burlesque – Jan. 23rd at Hell Gate Social!

SCI-FI Burlesque
SCI-FI Burlesque

You really will not want to miss this show – I’m debuting my two newest acts! I’ve been sewing and practicing like crazy!

Event hosted by Lars Pluto, with live rockabilly band AM Preacher! Make sure you’re there – Jan. 23rd at Hell Gate Social! Event description below:

SCI-FI Burlesque

Spacegirls and ComicQueens and Zombies OH MY!

The Borg and Vampires and Cylons OH WORD!

Fireflies and Frankensteins, The Rebel Alliance and Davey The Robot!

Not to mention the 31st anniversary of Pluto on your planet. Hallo, Spaceboy!

The boys of AM Preacher Present:
Now in Cinemascope and Color!
It’s SCI-FI Burlesque
Where a Tardis can be a naughty call-box indeed and your complimentary 3D glasses make every curve and line “really jump out at you!”
You shall be led along your journey through this gloriously crafted wormhole by…
The Lovely Silk Spectre
God’s own little angel with a plan Caprica 6
The ever-charming Tank Girl
Sookie Stackhouse tastes great!
just ask Catwoman.
The oh so appropriately jump-suited Seven of Nine
The Harbinger of Death herself, Kara “Starbuck” Thrace
The Fifth Element who will save us all with her Multipass, Leeloo
and of course the Queen of all nerd fantasy women, Princess Leia Organna

Yes all manner of the feminine divinity that we pathetic fanboys have cut our manly teeth upon. Live music and ladies whose beauty will bring a tear to your bespeckled eye and a pounding in your chest just under your pocket protector. This is my birthday gift to you, Hell Gate Social.

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