Neo & Nerdlesque

Hazel was crowned “Princess of Southern Exposure 2012″ at the Great Southern Exposure Pageant in Charlotte, NC for her famous “Cookie Monster” routine, and she has also wowed crowds as an 8-foot tall Ent, as Seven of Nine, the Penguin, Leeloo Dallas, a Beholder, and more! She performs with two nerd-centric groups, Epic Win Burlesque and D20 Burlesque. Some of Hazel’s nerdy pursuits include sci-fi, fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, and dorks. On a night off, she’s most likely at home watching Adventure Time and playing Settlers of Catan.

Nerdlesque and Neo-Burlesque

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[img src=]1960
[img src=]4550
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[img src=]2850
[img src=]2530
[img src=]2500
[img src=]3650
[img src=]2660
[img src=]2440
[img src=]2400
[img src=]2270
[img src=]1960
[img src=]1880
[img src=]1870
[img src=]1880
[img src=]1620
[img src=]1890
[img src=]2990
[img src=]2520
[img src=]6190

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