Classic Burlesque

As a founding member of NYCā€™s only all-classic burlesque troupe, The Rhinestone Follies, Hazel Honeysuckle is particularly interested in “Classic Burlesque”, the style and movements that made burlesque such a hit, and a true American art form. Her experience in ballet and ballroom dancing lend an elegant, lyrical quality to her movements. Drawing inspiration from the fierce and fantastic performers of the ā€™40s and ā€™50s, as well as the amazing array of modern performers working today, Hazel always makes a great impression!

Classic Burlesque

[img src=]1960
[img src=]2030
[img src=]2050
[img src=]5860
[img src=]3200
[img src=]2820
[img src=]2520
[img src=]4850
[img src=]3290
[img src=]4450
[img src=]3180
[img src=]2840
[img src=]3400
[img src=]2090

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